Cash For Your Old Silver Coins

Got a jar full of old coins? You may have some valuables in there. Dollars, half-dollars, quarters and dimes dated 1964 or earlier were made of 90% silver, which makes these coins worth much more than their face value today.

650-GOLD is one of Cleveland's leading buyers of old coins. We're not worried about their condition – tarnished and worn-out coins are welcome.

We'll pay you cash for:

  • Silver dollars dated 1935 and earlier including Morgan and Peace Dollars.
  • Fifty-cent coins dated 1964 and earlier, including Kennedy and Franklin half dollars.
  • Dimes and quarters dated 1964 and earlier.

Turn your old pocket change into cash today. Stop by our convenient Northeast Ohio location, or call 216-650-GOLD for more information.

old silver coins